Our History

Harrison College is and always has been a family-owned college, and that is why family values continue to be a high priority for our administration, faculty and staff.

We support, encourage and empower our students, faculty and staff every day. We do our best to make sure those at Harrison succeed in their professional and personal lives while positively impacting those around them.

That is the Harrison Difference.

On the timeline, explore pivotal events and important people that have contributed to this difference in education since 1902.

Our History


Charles Cring opened Harrison in 1902 in Marion, Indiana as a business college—Indiana Business College—teaching shorthand, typing, penmanship, English, bookkeeping and accounting.

Indiana Business College has a growth spurt, opening 13 distinct schools in Indianapolis as well as in northern and southern Indiana.


By 1913, Harrison extended from Elkhart to Columbus in Indiana.


Female enrollment approached 50% in 1915.


Ora E. Butz becomes general manager of Indiana Business College in 1916 and serves as officer and director for the next 50 years.


In 1926, Charles Cring dies on February 10 at the age of 58. Ora E. Butz is named president.


During the Great Depression in 1936, Indiana Business College reports a record enrollment of 1,063 day students and 504 night students.


In 1947, Indiana Business College purchases a church on Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis, which will house the Central Business College for the next 55 years.


In 1980, Indiana Business College receives national accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).


Kenneth J. Konesco becomes Harrison’s president in 1986 after Indiana Business College is purchased by Education Management Corporation.


In 1993, the college expands its curriculum to include more than business courses. The first medical program and medical campus is established.


In 2002, Indiana Business College celebrates 100 years, and the downtown Indianapolis campus moves to its current building on East Washington Street.


In 2004, the college begins offering online classes.


In 2006, Indiana Business College begins offering a culinary arts program called The Chef’s Academy. The first bachelor’s degree programs are offered in the School of Business and the School of Health Sciences.


In 2009, Indiana Business College changes its name to Harrison College and establishes its first location outside of Indiana in Columbus, Ohio.


Jason Konesco takes over as president of Harrison in 2010.


In 2011, The Chef’s Academy opens in North Carolina.


In 2012, Harrison College celebrates 110 years.


In 2015, James D. (Jim) Hutton, Ph.D., becomes president and CEO.


Present: 13 locations, 6 schools of study 

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