Business Associate of Applied Science

As a business professional, you may be responsible for hiring and training new employees, coordinating across departments and nurturing employees’ professional growth and development.

As a graduate of our Associate of Applied Science in Business program, you can take your degree almost anywhere. The program includes courses in the accounting, business, finance, human resources, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship specialty areas. The skills you learn during your studies at Harrison can be put to use in corporations of all sizes: insurance agencies; banks, accounting firms and other financial institutions; government agencies; nonprofit organizations; small consulting firms and schools, from kindergarten through graduate degree programs.

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Why Earn Your Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business?

You should earn a living by doing what you love and one of the most effective ways to secure a more rewarding career is to earn your degree. Harrison allows you to schedule flexible classes on-ground or online, and this may help you especially if you have other responsibilities like work or child care.

Business professionals are needed in all industries and at all levels. You can take a business degree with you into any industry you are interested in—finance, music, publishing, human resources, nonprofit and more—and use the skills you have learned to build a fulfilling career and life. 

Salary & Employment

As a graduate of the Business program, you may be qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities in many different industries. Therefore, your salary could range greatly depending on your position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a management analyst could earn around $78,600 per year while a real estate broker or agent could make around $41,990 per year.

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"What I like about Harrison more than other schools is the way the program is geared toward the student." Jeffery, Student
Jeffery, Student