Associate of Science in Nursing

The Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a career focused on helping people in need. At the same time, you can also advance your personal and professional life.

If you are passionate about helping people, disciplined, curious and proactive, you have some of the core qualities that make a successful nursing student—and a successful nurse.  

When you graduate from the ASN program, you will have accomplished a major step toward being eligible to take the NCLEX, a licensing exam that allows you to begin fulfilling your dream of becoming a nurse.

About the Associate of Science in Nursing

A rewarding career in the health care field is waiting for you. You could become a nurse working in a clinic, hospital, nursing home, pediatrician’s office or other medical facility. You will be taught how to communicate with patients, discuss treatment options, take vitals, prepare medical records and follow and uphold health care requirements.

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Is This Degree Right For You?

The advantage of obtaining an associate degree from Harrison as opposed to a traditional four-year program is that you will be eligible to start working professionally as soon as you receive licensure. This means that if you graduate with an associate degree, you can get a jump-start on your career in only two years, instead of having to complete four years to earn a bachelor’s degree before starting work. In addition, our ACEN-accredited program offers a wide variety of quality clinical experiences.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for registered nurses is expected to grow more than 20 percent by 2020.

Another benefit is that, unlike less flexible degree programs, you can earn an associate degree, obtain licensure and start working in a hospital while continuing with Harrison to earn your bachelor’s degree, if you choose. 

Online Nursing Programs

We know that having a full-time job, a family or any number of daily obligations can make it hard to find time to pursue a college education. While our Associate of Science in Nursing program is not currently available online, our other online nursing programs empower you to focus on work and family without having to forfeit your dream of earning a degree. 

Salary & Employment

According to O*Net, registered nurses make an average of $66,220 annually and employment is projected to grow 15-20 percent from 2012-2022.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states, “Growth will occur for a number of reasons, including an increased emphasis on preventative care; growing rates of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity; and demand for health care services from the baby boomer population, as they live longer and more active lives.”

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