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You are a work in progress. There’s a better you inside, just waiting to come out. A smarter, happier, more accomplished you, that others look up to and who the family can be proud of. With you smiling back in the mirror. You can do whatever you put your mind to. We’ll help get you where you want to go.

Our History


Charles Cring opened Harrison in 1902 in Marion, Indiana as a business college—Indiana Business College—teaching shorthand, typing, penmanship, English, bookkeeping and accounting.

Indiana Business College has a growth spurt, opening 13 distinct schools in Indianapolis as well as in northern and southern Indiana.


By 1913, Harrison extended from Elkhart to Columbus in Indiana.


Female enrollment approached 50% in 1915.


Ora E. Butz becomes general manager of Indiana Business College in 1916 and serves as officer and director for the next 50 years.


In 1926, Charles Cring dies on February 10 at the age of 58. Ora E. Butz is named president.


During the Great Depression in 1936, Indiana Business College reports a record enrollment of 1,063 day students and 504 night students.


In 1947, Indiana Business College purchases a church on Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis, which will house the Central Business College for the next 55 years.


In 1980, Indiana Business College achieves national accreditation.


Kenneth J. Konesco becomes Harrison’s president in 1986 after Indiana Business College is purchased by Education Management Corporation.


In 1993, the college expands its curriculum to include more than business courses. The first medical program and medical campus is established.


In 2002, Indiana Business College celebrates 100 years, and the downtown Indianapolis campus moves to its current building on East Washington Street.


In 2004, the college begins offering online classes.


In 2006, Indiana Business College begins offering a culinary arts program called The Chef’s Academy. The first bachelor’s degree programs are offered in the School of Business and the School of Health Sciences.


In 2009, Indiana Business College changes its name to Harrison College and establishes its first location outside of Indiana in Columbus, Ohio.


Jason Konesco takes over as president of Harrison in 2010.


In 2011, The Chef’s Academy opens in North Carolina.


In 2012, Harrison College celebrates 110 years.


In 2015, James D. (Jim) Hutton, Ph.D., becomes president and CEO.


Present: 11 locations, 6 schools of study 

"The Harrison Difference is the instructors. They're always caring, and they love their work. They want us to succeed." Arthur, Alum
Arthur, Alum

Our personal approach to education acts as a support system for our students. With more than 3,000 students at 11 locations in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and online, Harrison exists to empower students to achieve their own personal successes and bring positive improvements to their lives.

From our experienced and caring faculty to our supportive staff, we offer a close-knit atmosphere that helps provide our students with a sense of belonging and empowerment from day one through graduation.

Harrison College has institutional accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, 7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 314N, Falls Church, Virginia 22043; (703) 917-9503;

To learn more about Harrison, visit our Why Harrison College? page.

Our Mission

Building on a legacy of service since 1902, we are advocates of education dedicated to excellence in higher learning. We collaborate with students, staff, faculty, alumni and our community to deliver student-centered education and prepare students for careers that positively impact society, both locally and globally.

Our Values


We are committed to a climate of high quality, relevant classroom content delivered by creative faculty equipped with strong credentials and demonstrated industry expertise. This commitment is enhanced by our dedication to hiring exemplary administrative staff and providing support systems that advance the educational process. As a result of this educational experience, we expect our graduates to enhance their careers and embrace lifelong learning.


We value a personal, responsive and attentive learning environment that exceeds student expectations. Our convenient, adaptable delivery methods enable students to balance life and college. We continually improve services to all numbers of the college community through assessment and feedback mechanisms.


We accept our responsibility to be held accountable to all of our constituents. Accordingly, we operate with integrity and fairness to ensure full compliance with accrediting standards and regulatory bodies.

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Harrison College and The Chef’s Academy are aliases of Educational Management Corporation (EMC). A brief history of EMC:

Year Filing

Indiana Business College incorporated in Indiana


Educational Management Corporation incorporated in Massachusetts


Educational Management Corporation admitted to be business in Indiana as a foreign corporation.


(“Newco”) Indiana Business College, Inc. incorporated in Indiana (is wholly-owned by Educational Management Corporation).


“Indiana Business College” becomes an assumed name of Educational Management Corporation.


Indiana Business College, Inc. is merged into Educational Management Corporation (and S-corp. status elected).


“Harrison College” is the new assumed name of Educational Management Corporation.


Educational Management Corporation is re-domesticated as an Indiana corporation.


Directors of EMC

Frederick G. Pfannenstiehl, Director

Kenneth J. Konesco, Director

Craig F. Pfannenstiehl, Director

Officers of EMC

Craig F. Pfannenstiehl, Chairman of the Board

Gregory C. Wallis, Treasurer

Michael T. Crowley, Secretary


EMC does not have any other divisions, subsidiaries or affiliates.


A student wishing to voice a concern may do so by logging a complaint at or calling toll-free 1-866-593-6967 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.