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Academic Affairs

At Harrison College, we provide a student-centered approach to education—we aim to inspire you by empowering you in your academic, personal and professional life.

Curricula at each campus are designed to challenge and motivate you, giving you the opportunity to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Types of Courses

Harrison focuses on three types of courses:

  1. Foundation: Foundation courses include general study courses applicable to all majors. Foundation courses provide students with the ability to efficiently set goals, as well as use technology and information resources to effectively pursue and secure a career position related to the student’s chosen program of study.
  2. Professional: Professional courses are career-specific core courses that prepare students for career positions related to their chosen program of study.
  3. General: General education courses are designed to provide students with an understanding of the breadth of knowledge, fundamental principles and questions, and methods of inquiry and problem solving in the basic categories of communication, the natural sciences, the humanities, mathematics and the social and behavioral sciences.

Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy of education provides that students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in these essential academic competencies:

  • Communication
    • Verbal
    • Visual
    • Written
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking
  • Data Analysis, Quantitative Reasoning and Scientific Interpretation
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness

For more information on types of courses, our philosophy of education and other essentials regarding your Harrison education, explore the links on this page.