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Employer Testimonials

Our students engage with a demanding curriculum and gain work experience through internships and externships in their chosen career fields. Time and time again, employers have praised our students and alums. Find out why by watching our employers’ testimonials and reading their stories about Harrison College students for hire.

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JD Null, Human Resources, Ascena Retail Group

“Persons who are coming out of Harrison College are literally ready to hit the floor running. I’ve been very impressed with those individuals with regard to their maturity, the success that they’ve had and the success they’ve brought to our business.”

James L. Haines, OD – Optometrist, Zionsville Eyecare

"I'm an optometrist in Zionsville, Indiana, where I own and manage a fast-growing independent practice called Zionsville Eyecare. We employ a staff of 15 along with two associate doctors. I've had the pleasure of hiring and working with two Harrison graduates and I have been very impressed with their training and educational background. They have both been punctual and reliable, and they present a positive attitude and work ethic. I would not hesitate in the future to work with Harrison when an additional staff member is needed."

Brian Lockner – Director of Human Resources, Hyatt Regency, Indianapolis

"We've been fortunate to have several outstanding students from The Chef's Academy at Harrison College join our Hyatt family over the past few years. Whether working in our fine dining restaurant or preparing banquets for hundreds of guests, the students we’ve worked with display a positive attitude and commitment to providing outstanding service in our kitchens and the entire food and beverage operation. Through their hands-on experience in classes, they've been able to make immediate contributions to our hotel and culinary team. We truly enjoy the partnership we have with both The Chef's Academy students and the faculty that support them."

Michael. R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC

"The Chef's Academy provides students with the base knowledge and theories of the industry, while at the same time exposing them to a multitude of topics and items that are directly relating to or are a foundation of cooking. They can take what they learn at Harrison and do one of two things: either apply it to the real-world industry or allow it to whet their appetite on things they had never thought about or knew previously. I constantly have the students asking more on subjects or wanting to cross train into a different kitchen or station to explore more of the recent class or subject they had accomplished at school.

I have found that the people who work full-time and attend Harrison are always people who are serious about their career, life and education. They are always passionate about the culinary arts and are always the premium-preferred individuals to have as associates. They are never here for just a paycheck—they are here to learn a craft and better their lives through their career. The experience at Harrison also helps them to be diversified and adaptable yet capable of balancing a means of supporting themselves and their families while increasing their value in the workplace through continued education and expanded knowledge.

If all of our staff members were students of Harrison we would truly be a world-renowned organization of the highest caliber of quality and profit being copied and imitated by all businesses in the industry."

Peter-Paul Meyer

"Graduates of The Chef's Academy are well-skilled individuals who are determined to provide quality and creativity. This will help enormously in the task of improving food and service quality throughout the restaurant and hotel industries in the city of Indianapolis."

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