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Why Hire Harrison Grads?

We know that finding reliable, valuable, determined employees can be difficult, but with our educational style—one that focuses on supporting students, their dreams and their goals—we firmly believe that Harrison College students and graduates will prove to be invaluable to your organization and your community time and time again.  

"I didn’t know nearly as much [about Harrison] as I know now. I’ve learned how they differentiate themselves . . . and about their focus on soft skills. Harrison is really asking, ‘How do we make better communicators?’ That’s the number-one thing I’m looking for." Dan, Recruiter, Fastenal
Dan, Recruiter, Fastenal

Our students know the value of perseverance and the promise of success. We know our students’ goals, and we understand their obstacles. Get to know our students with us to see why hiring a Harrison student or graduate is right for your organization.

Top Reasons to Hire Harrison Students and Grads

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