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Sep 15, 2018 | Harrison College


Harrison College Students

Opportunity to Continue Your Education


We understand that this is a challenging time for you given the announcement that Harrison College is closing. We would like to inform you that Harrison College has established a transfer arrangement with National American University (NAU), Harrison College’s preferred transfer institution. 

With NAU, eligible students of certain Harrison College programs may continue their education by transferring to a comparable academic program at NAU with minimal loss of credits.

The programs listed below are included in the transfer agreement with NAU. We are working diligently to provide other opportunities for students enrolled in programs that are not covered by the transfer agreement, including a teach-out* arrangement with NAU and other institutions.* 

NAU has agreed to provide benefits to eligible students who enroll and start in comparable NAU programs no later than the February 2019 term. Among other things, NAU has agreed to:

  1. Accept all credits awarded by Harrison College in accordance with NAU’s transfer of credit policies and accreditation and regulatory requirements.
  2. Expand the options for course equivalence and course substitution.
  3. Provide for block transfer of Harrison College courses successfully completed in an associate degree program for a comparable NAU program or toward open-transfer degrees to the extent allowed by state regulations.
  4. Allow for the completion of dual-credit master’s courses within NAU bachelor’s programs to facilitate entry and completion of an NAU’s master’s degree.
  5. Allow additional credits earned in an associate degree program to be applied to an NAU bachelor’s degree program, when appropriate.
  6. Allow excess credits to be applied toward a dual emphasis area, certificate, or BS plus post-baccalaureate certificate, when appropriate.
  7. Provide opportunities to earn credits through test-out of certain courses, with such credits applied toward NAU’s residency requirement, when appropriate.
  8. Offer a reduced tuition rate to eligible current and former students who transfer into a comparable NAU degree program.

NAU has also agreed to expedite the admission process for eligible students and will:

  1. Provide customized enrollment processes, a transition team, and dedicated resources to serve students effectively.
  2. Waive undergraduate and graduate admissions testing and any application and admissions fees.
  3. Provide additional support to students who transfer from ground to online courses.

NAU has been serving students for over 75 years and offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. NAU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, with several academic programs separately accredited or approved by national educational and professional associations. ( | 800-621-7440).

If you wish to contact NAU to learn how the transfer agreement would support the completion of your degree program: Simply visit and fill out the contact information. An NAU advisor will contact you to answer questions and offer assistance.  Visit and learn more about NAU and this transfer opportunity.

* A teach-out is a written agreement that allows students to complete their programs of study at another institution if their current institution closes. The agreement allows an institution to waive the requirement that students must complete 25% or more of a program at the new institution. Thus, the student has a reasonable opportunity to preserve all credits and remain on the same timeframe to degree completion.