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Jun 25, 2016 | Harrison College

Terre Haute: Lemonade Day 2016

Lemonade Day, a national event, partnered with Junior Achievement to teach kids how to start their own business and earn their own money by opening a lemonade stand.  Harrison College sponsors this event.

Lemonade Day was originated to teach children the value of a dollar and give them the confidence to start their own business.  This program challenges kids to spend, save and share their profits with a local charity.   The program is internet based and walks the kids through many modules to learn, in a fun, interactive way, what needs to be done to begin a business and prepare for the day. 

Harrison College, Terre Haute campus will be hosting four lemonade stands in our parking lot. We believe this is just the beginning of building a strong, conscientious, motivated and happy community. We want to be included in any program that invites the parents/guardians/responsible adults to bond over such an important part of upbringing. We can’t wait to see what these kids will do.