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Alycia Reed
B.S. in Criminal Justice

Attending college as an adult can present real challenges. Like many people in her situation, Alycia Reed doubted her ability to pull it off. “I doubted myself and my abilities to complete school while working full time. I also doubted if the career path I’d chosen was right for me. But Harrison College has great people and great resources that helped me through those tough times.”

Alycia was impressed that at Harrison, she was a name, not a number. “The teachers I had really cared about students and their success,” she said. Two instructors who greatly influenced her were Aaron Sears and Andrew Rule. “They were great teachers, not only when it came to criminal justice education, but they really encouraged us when we doubted our ability to be successful. I owe a lot of my success to them.”

Harrison was a good fit for Alycia for other reasons as well. The campus was close to home so she could be near her family, and the program she chose provided real-life experience in the classroom. Having instructors who had actually worked in the field and could share their experiences was very important. “The instructors also gave us contacts in the field to talk to and learn from,” Reed shared.

Alycia credits Harrison College with providing the skills and support she needed to be successful in her chosen career. She was very impressed with the help and support she received from the Career Services Department when she had trouble landing a job. “They worked with me and gave me the tools I needed to get my foot in the door in the legal field.” Harrison continued to support her years later when she needed help again. “There aren’t a lot of schools out there that can say they do that.” 

Reed shared this advice for anyone considering attending Harrison College, “I would advise them that if they are looking for a career-focused school that really cares about their students and wants to give them a great start to a career, then Harrison would be the place to go. I found it to truly be a support system.”