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Amber Patterson
A.A.S Human Resources

In this age where a technological connection translates into instant feedback, Amber Patterson found the online environment at Harrison College to be right up her alley. “One of the determining factors in my decision to attend Harrison was that the degree I wanted was offered 100% online,” said Patterson. That coupled with the ease of working with the financial aid personnel and advisors led to a positive college experience that she readily shares with others. “All of my advisors helped me in a positive way. The fact that I could schedule phone meetings with course mentors helped a lot in going over material,” she explained.

Further proof of how the online option was optimal for her is reflected in her comments regarding exams and cultural diversity. “A favorite memory includes when I would study for a final exam, and then pass the test with flying colors. In most instances, I could see my final score on my final exams moments after taking it. That gave me a sense of relief because I didn't have to stress out about what grade I had earned. I also found that Harrison online offered me the opportunity to interact with a widely diversified group of students. Particularly, in my speech class I was able to converse with people from many different cultures via our phone conferences; something that I found to be quite enlightening. Had I not enrolled at Harrison I might not ever have had that experience.” 

For Patterson challenges during her coursework were limited primarily to managing the lag time between leaving an email or voicemail for an instructor and receiving a response that allowed her to complete her assignments. One area in particular that was addressed during her experience as a student at Harrison was how to deal with procrastination. “This helped prepare me for my current employment. I would encourage students to make sure that they don’t procrastinate and that they get to know their course teachers. It is also important to take advantage of the discussion boards and to reach out to fellow students for help and for studying tips,” she advised. 

Currently finishing her bachelor’s degree at Western Governors University, Patterson has also stepped up to serve as an Alumni Ambassador in the Harrison College Alumni Association. Proof positive that her online experience is leading to ongoing outreach and impact!