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Amy Vadakin
A.A.S. Accounting

Amy Vadakin is living proof that people do business with people they like. In fact at multiple steps along her Harrison journey it was the words and actions of people that kept her focused and moving. “Ultimately making the decision to attend Harrison was the result of the interaction I had with the staff on campus. I was greeted by multiple staff members that encouraged me to further my dream of having a degree. I remember entering my first class and finding people from a variety of ages. I felt so comfortable attending class and the campus was like one big family. Everyone knew me even if they hadn’t met me formally. I loved being greeted by smiling faces. At one point my grades had dropped due to the demands of my job and when they popped back up to normal I received a note from my instructor, Jennifer Bicknell, stating how proud she was of me. Just that one card motivated me to finish my degree,” Vadakin remarked.

The biggest obstacles Vadakin faced had to do with being a wife, mother of two and a full-time employee. “It was a struggle to focus on classes while juggling normal day to day tasks but the support I received from the staff and from my family was amazing. Once I had to be on a business trip for six weeks but my professors worked with me to keep me up-to-date on my assignments and they helped me to maintain my grades,” she said. One of her favorite classes and favorite memories of Harrison centered on the Accounting class she took. “To help those who were struggling, my instructor, Ms. Bicknell spent time outside of class to provide real world examples that helped to explain accounting processes. It was amazing to see how much I learned in that class that impacted me in other classes,” she explained. Vadakin also found the flexibility of online courses worked well for her and said, “I appreciated being able to logon to classes during the times that fit my schedule. My experience was that the professors teaching the online classes were available 24 hours a day if I needed them.”

During her time at Harrison Vadakin continued to work for the same employer, however, her job title changed four times. Each time it did she felt like she brought so much diversity to the table from her college experience. “It did not matter that I was majoring in accounting because all of my classes seemed to relate to my current position. Attending Harrison College was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

The Harrison College Alumni Association is fortunate to now have Vadakin onboard as an Alumni Ambassador; where she will undoubtedly be one of those people with whom others like to do business!