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Bonnie Crist
School of Health Sciences, Indianapolis Downtown

Job description: a great place to work, form friendships and change lives. Sound too good to be true? For Bonnie Crist these are exactly the words she used to describe her experience as a faculty member at Harrison. And she added, “I knew from day one of my education at Harrison that I wanted to pursue a position here as soon as I possibly could after graduation. I was dedicated to encouraging life-long learning and thought to give back by teaching others, to be like the role models my instructors had been for me and to really make a difference in the lives of others would be the best way possible.”

Typically there are key people who positively influence one’s work-life experience and for Crist, Susan Kane and former campus President Greg Reger have made their mark. “Their leadership has brought such definitive change to the downtown campus. Personally Susan has helped me to build my confidence both as a manager and as an individual. Greg has encouraged me to continue my education and is such a team-player.” And when it comes to the manner in which working at Harrison has enriched her life Crist mentioned growth, support and learning. “Harrison has allowed me to grow in my career and as an individual. Tuition reimbursement has made it possible for me to complete my BS in Healthcare Management, my graduate degree in Health Education and soon my doctorate. I always tell my students that I came to Harrison to teach others, but during the journey I have learned so much more. Participating in professional development opportunities has grown me!”

And what have been her favorite memories to date? “I’m happy to say my most favorite memories are of graduation and being advised that a graduate has been hired. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I have helped to make changes in the lives of students.” Her words of advice for those contemplating a faculty position are these, “Harrison is one of the most respected schools in the state. And remember that to teach is to touch a life forever.” More true words from Bonnie Crist.