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Catherine Roebuck
First Service Federal Credit Union

"As a community based credit union, we are very much interested in financial education matters concerning our community and I think it's wonderful that Harrison is willing to engage in positive business partnerships that will help create more well-rounded students."

"When I first toured the Columbus, Ohio campus of Harrison College, I immediately thought it seemed to be a very "home-like” atmosphere that was friendly and inviting (not at all your typical cold, concrete school). My favorable impression continued as I watched the interaction between the staff and the students - which was like watching real families, where people know your name and genuinely seem to care for you."

"I can imagine this positive environment also translates into the one-on-one attention that individuals need to successfully complete their college coursework. I was recently allowed the opportunity to do a presentation for the students on the importance of budgeting. The students in attendance were absolutely delightful and fully engaged. Every interaction was easy and their suggestions and ideas were ones I hadn’t thought of before."

"Leslie Attwooll and Erin Burkholder, and every other Harrison staff person that I've had a chance to meet during the course of developing our business partnership have been wonderful, friendly, and very kind. From what I have observed, my opinion is that not only is Harrison is a great pace to get an education but also that the people at Harrison care about their students and are committed to nurturing positive business relationships within the community."