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Christy Sinnett
A.A.S. in Medical Assisting

The people who succeed in life aren’t those devoid of trials. They are the ones who face the obstacles, gather resources and keep pressing ahead toward their goals. Christy Sinnett is a prime example.  A single, working mom, she determined that serving as a positive role model for her children was crucial and a college education was essential. “I wanted to be sure I could provide everything my children needed. I believe what I do with my life will be telling them what they should do with theirs. I found Harrison College to be a very personal college that has allowed me to learn and work the way I need and want to,”shared Sinnett.

Those who positively influenced her were Patty Evans (medical instructor) and Beth Nichols (Strategies for Success instructor). Sinnett explained, “These women pushed me in a way that made me want to do better and be better. They made me understand that I can do great things with my life. I have never let that go.” Seeing the values of faith, family, health and job lived out during her time at Harrison was evident to Sinnett in the ways the faculty and staff exhibited understanding and support as she dealt with pressing family and job commitments. Not surprisingly she remarked that graduation was a favorite memory and that walking across the stage and seeing her fiancé, mom, grandmother, sisters and youngest daughter was something she will always remember.

“The progression from ophthalmic technician to office manager to now owning a business with my fiancé, all while juggling the demands of a 13 month old and pursuing another degree (BS in Business Management) at Harrison is definitely my biggest accomplishment. I use a great deal of the medical knowledge I learned while I was in school in my current position as an office manager and I’m applying the business skills I’m learning as I run the financial side of our business,” said Sinnett.

When asked about the advice she would share with someone who is considering attending Harrison College she remarked, “Go for it! I believe the people at Harrison will give you all of the tools that you will need to succeed and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better group of people to help you.  It is here waiting for you to take advantage of it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my success story with everyone.” Her determination to press ahead toward her goals has certainly served Christy Sinnett well!