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Dallas Phillips
A.A.S. in Criminal Justice

It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, but it’s taking action that brings the truth of words to life. And for Dallas Phillips it was the action plan designed by Harrison staff that gave him the confidence that he truly could balance his job, his home life and his school commitments. That was more than two years ago. Today with his AAS under his belt Phillips is currently pursuing his BS in Criminal Justice,and is actively involved with the Criminal Justice Association, C.O.R.E.,Harrison Campus Connection Ambassadors and the Harrison College Alumni Association. “Adhering to the recommendations and lessons from my Strategies class at Harrison has pushed me out of my comfort zone and in doing so afforded me some amazing opportunities. I’ve been able to tour the State House, speak with Representative Behning, and participate in a video for the Harrison College Alumni Association all because I applied what I learned in a class,”Phillips shared. 

Two men who significantly influenced Phillips during his time at Harrison were Dr. Walker and Mr. Aaron Sears. “Dr. Walker came from the same background as I did and taught me the value and importance of looking forward in my academic career, of not selling myself short and of marketing myself for future opportunities. Mr. Sears and I share similar beliefs about the application of law in the criminal justice system and agree that the power of using discretion is the ultimate tool in making such a difference in the lives of others. Mr. Sears has also given me a strong foundation into the theory and academic importance of the criminal justice system. Both of these gentlemen have provided me with the necessary skills to be well rounded and versed in an alarmingly competitive field of study,” said Phillips.

Phillips contends that everyone he encountered at Harrison saw him as a person and the challenges he faced with regard to his job and its impact on his coursework was faced head on and with good communication. “I’ve been able to work everything out to the satisfaction of all concerned any time I had a conflict,” he explained. Currently employed in his field of study (criminal justice) Phillips believes the valuable skill she has learned will prepare him for his future. “I have learned to continually strive for more information because with knowledge I can make a more informed decision. I have also learned valuable critical thinking skills and understand the importance of never taking anything at face value,” Phillips said.

For those contemplating their own Harrison experience he had this to say, “I recommend to anyone that they should always communicate with staff and never hesitate to ask questions. There are numerous resources at your disposal to make your Harrison Experience a memorable one.” Sound action steps that Phillips has clearly applied in his own life.