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Debbi Sowers
B.S., Criminal Justice, Terre Haute and Online

Like most students at Harrison College, Debbie Sowers had tried college somewhere else. Sowers said the other schools were fine, but not for her. “My psychology class had over 40 students in it,” she says. Again, nothing wrong with that but “it’s too big to have one-on-one with the teachers, like I have at Harrison College.”

Working as a reporter at a small newspaper in Marshall, Ill., Sowers decided at age 50 that she wanted something more. She originally thought she wanted to pursue a degree in the medical field, but changed her mind after taking a visit to Harrison College’s Terre Haute campus. “I discovered they had a Criminal Justice program,” Sowers says. “That’s something I have been interested in since I write about crimes all the time.” Sowers enrolled on the spot, and is pursuing her B.S. degree in Criminal Justice.

Sowers, who takes classes Online as well as at the Terre Haute campus, credits several of her instructors for keeping her interest. But, when pressed to single-out one, she says Louis Reeves is “one of the best teachers I’ve seen. Not only does he encourage me, but he continues to challenge me in my school work. If I have a problem with any class, he makes sure I get the help I need. He is probably one of the most uplifting, encouraging teachers I have.”

Her most memorable classroom experience is the mock trial that was staged in one of her Criminal Justice classes. Sowers was assigned the role of defense attorney for an accused murderer. The defendant was found not guilty, even though it was revealed after the trial that he had actually committed the crime. “This was a great learning experience and probably one of the best memories” she says.