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Denny Sponsel*
President, RJE Business Interiors

“Everything at Harrison is about the students; developing them and making sure their experiences are exceptional. An interaction with a young woman studying at The Chef’s Academy who shared her dream of becoming a pastry chef and owning her shop drove this point home for me. Her passion and drive for reaching her goal was impressive and left me feeling she was certain to succeed. Harrison’s smart leadership keeps its finger on the pulse of today’s student in an attempt to deliver excellent education while simultaneously focusing an eye on the future; one example being the launch of Know U.

My first connection with Harrison was in 2000 when I met Ken Konesco. I have found him to be a loyal and truthful individual and the kind of leader who has a positive, encouraging spirit. He recognizes the business family and shows care for his employees and for the students. All of the people with whom I have had the pleasure of working have been kind, courteous, open-minded and progressive. Professionalism is always present.

It is clear to me that the values of faith, family, health and job are alive and real at Harrison through its active support of programs such as United Way, NAWBO, Wishard Blanket Drive, Rotary, and Indy Reads. In addition, the associates of Harrison are recognized and communicated with consistently so that everyone knows what the mission is as well as his/her responsibility to that mission.

My advice for anyone who is considering establishing a relationship with Harrison is to make sure your core values align and that your business approach is real and progressive. I have found Harrison to be genuine to its values and its loyalties; it clearly wants to be with the best and bring out the best.”

*Denny serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Harrison College and describes himself as the “outside-insider.”