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Drew Landgrave
A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology

You might think that after spending eight years serving our country in the United States Navy most “fears” would have been faced and conquered. For Drew Landgrave one that remained was connected to furthering his education. “After my discharge from the Navy I was afraid to attend college because of the fear that I wouldn’t fit in or that I wouldn’t have the one-on-one interactions with my instructors to keep me moving when I needed help,” he said. However, after touring the Indianapolis Northwest Campus he knew attending Harrison College was the right choice for him.

Once on board Landgrave discovered that his instructors saw his passion for the field of veterinary technology. “They pushed me to pursue my goals more,” he remarked. There were times when he thought he didn’t have what it took to pass a class and had difficulty grasping certain content, but he never felt like he was alone. “If I asked for help, everyone from my instructors to the dean always made time to assist me,” said Landgrave. One particularly powerful memory involved a surgery where he was called upon to assist a group of students. Landgrave shared, “It wasn’t my scheduled week for surgery so I was not familiar with the case history and had to rely on the records of others. Additionally I was to serve as the anesthetist which required double-checking with everyone to verify facts to provide the patient with the best possible care. I was extremely nervous going into it but Dr. (Elizabeth) Clark put me at ease after commenting that it would be a breeze because I was there. Her confidence in me helped me know that I could handle it. And I did! It was amazing to be able to apply all the skills I had learned and I actually felt ‘at home’ with the pressure and what was required of me.”

When asked what he would tell others who were considering Harrison College Landgrave had this to say, “I would tell them it was the best choice I ever made and that they should check it out. I wasn’t the strongest student in high school so to come from that background to a place where I challenged myself and made the Dean’s List every quarter is one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever achieved.”

And achieve he has! Landgrave is currently employed a veterinary technician in Westerville/Columbus, Ohio. He described the interview process and current role by saying, “I had to interview three times with different people, but I knew I was going to get the job because I was able to show that I had confidence in my skills based on the schooling I received both at Harrison and during my externship at MedVet’s triage center. I love where I’m working now and what I’m doing. The people here are showing me there is still much to learn but they also respect my knowledge and they are treating me like family.”

For Drew Landgrave his fears of the world of higher education have not only been faced, but conquered! And, he is already giving back by serving in the Harrison College Alumni Association as an eMentor.