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Jerry Jones
President, Cannon IV

“The relationship between Cannon IV and Harrison College began about eight years ago. Initially we were selling them our products but quickly discovered that the cultures of our two companies really meshed well. From our perspective we knew that we wanted to develop something more. The leadership at Harrison was completely open to the idea and we were able to bring together our operations teams for what has resulted in a tremendous strategic partnership. We are able to send our service technicians to the IT school at the Indy Northwest Campus for A plus certification. About half of our 20-30 member team has received that training and it has worked really well. I have been in business for 37 years and I do not think I have had a better exercise in collaboration. We value Harrison College as a wonderful partner. Everyone we have worked with is so incredibly professional and helpful. Ken Konesco possesses tremendous people skills and has set such an incredible example of community work and ethical behavior. I love his leadership style. Another person I have worked with directly is Robert Herzog; a first class individual that I would trust with anything I own. My overall impression is that the people at Harrison College are truly honest, ethical and faith based. They are a wonderful company we are pleased to be associated with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”