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Jessica Britt
B.S. Healthcare Management

We may not be able to control the cards life deals us, but we can control our attitude and response. And for Jessica Britt, “feeding the right attitude” during an extremely difficult time in her life is part of what helped lead her to the success she enjoys today. Britt was attracted to Harrison College because of the flexibility to take classes at her own convenience, but it was the instructors and what she learned that kept her there. One special instructor in particular was Sharon Thompson. “Sharon was my instructor through the majority of my Healthcare Management program and was very understanding through my illness with thyroid cancer,” shared Britt. She received the cancer diagnosis during her pregnancy with her first child. “Throughout my pregnancy I had terrible morning sickness and slept about 14 hours a day on top of working a full-time job. I used every strong minute I had to read, do assignments and take tests. My surgery to remove my thyroid happened after I delivered my daughter and I took my laptop to the hospital so I could complete what I could with the spare time I had,” she said. 

One of her favorite memories was related to that tough time. “I remember speaking to Sharon on the phone to let her know what was going on with me. I told her, my voice wasn’t very strong because I had had the surgery to remove my thyroid. As challenging as that time was she was there to help me through it mentally so I could achieve what I had signed up for.”

When asked how the values of faith, family, health and job are lived out in the Harrison culture Britt responded, “Harrison takes pride in wanting the best for their students. During my pregnancy and surgery, I always had instructors asking how I was doing. I could tell they wanted what was best for their students and to help them graduate to achieve their goals in life.”

Serving as a regional transformation coordinator at IU Health Hospital, Jessica believes her experience at Harrison equipped her well for her job. She remarked, “I was given the tools it takes to be successful in a professional position. The preparation I received for phone interviews with questions and feedback was very helpful and has helped me land my current position.” And her advice for anyone considering attending Harrison College is this, “I found the instructors to be very understanding about the fact that life happens. If you are thinking about continuing your education, the time is now! Life is always going to happen whether you are fresh out of high school, raising a family or even grandchildren. If I could attend classes online while being thrown the most difficult card I could have been dealt in life, I think anyone can do it!” 

Jessica didn’t stop there. She is now an active member of the Harrison College Alumni Association, serving as an Alumni Ambassador and eMentor. Her “can do” attitude has kept her moving forward and giving back; masterfully playing the hand she’s been dealt!