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Kathy Morgan
A.A.S. Business Administration

“Feel the fear and do it anyway,” is an apt quote for Kathy Morgan who in her 40s logged on to the world of online higher education. This from a woman who honestly admitted, “My obstacle to overcome was myself. I had to convince myself that I could do work on the computer and not lose things forever if I hit the wrong button, and that the computer was not out to get me but rather would help me with what I wanted to accomplish.”

Morgan selected Harrison College after extensive research on the options for online education. “I chose Harrison because it had a program where I could take only classes that pertained to my major, saving me time and money. I was able to take only two classes at a time and still be a mom and support my son and his sports activities,” she said.

Highlights of her time at Harrison included very positive online instructors, one of whom arranged for a mock interview complete with resume critique and taking Microsoft Office and communication classes that prepared her for writing professional papers and honed her ability to communicate with a wide variety of people, including the Mayor of Indianapolis.

Morgan shared this advice to others considering Harrison. “Don’t get discouraged. If you have been out of school for many years, its ok, you can do this. Set short-term and long-term goals: What do I want to accomplish the first year? Where do I see myself when I graduate? I hope that by telling people that in my 40’s I went back to school to get my degree that will encourage others. Technology changes so fast that you have to have knowledge and confidence to change with it and Harrison gave me that.”

Strong words that prove conquering her fears lead to empowerment and to giving back. Morgan currently serves as an Alumni Ambassador and as an eMentor for new Harrison College students.