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Kayla Foster
A.A.S. in Therapeutic and Clinical Massage

Kayla Foster knows the power of a smile. After what she described as a frustrating attempt as a college student at another institution it was the huge smile and helpful guidance of an admissions rep, which left her feeling completely at home at Harrison. “Leslie Holler gave me a tour, helped me understand the process of admissions, financial aid and classes, minus the confusion,” said Foster. That same spirit of support and helpfulness continued throughout her tenure as a student; from instructors Marsha Thompson and Shannon Treeter, to then-instructor, now-dean, Ben Horner, to Alan Bacon in career services, she was on the receiving end of encouragement every step of the way.

“The great thing about Harrison is that I never felt I was a ‘statistic’ here, everyone seemed to know my name,” shared Foster.

Positive relationships extended to those she developed with other students as well. “My friendship with a wonderful young lady named Sara resulted in us being known as the ‘dynamic duo.’ A particularly memorable experience was in Kinesiology class when Miss Shannon had us draw and color the muscles on our legs with washable markers. I was the lucky recipient of those knee to toe tattoos! That was just one of the innovative techniques she used to help us learn and one of the reasons she was one of my favorite instructors.”

Kayla counted on her education to open the door to employment and says she believes it has done exactly that. “My Harrison education prepared me to approach my interviews with confidence. I have been blessed with jobs at chiropractor’s offices and my employers have told me that one of the main reasons they interviewed me was because Harrison College was on my resume.” When asked what advice she would give to someone considering attending Harrison Foster remarked, “Do it! Harrison College is a great school with fun, caring instructors. I’m actually returning to pursue my Bachelors in Healthcare Management. It’s a great feeling to walk down the hall and be welcomed by faculty and the college president who know my name.” And it all started…with a smile.