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Kelly Kennedy
B.S. Business Management

For Kelly Kennedy the phrase, “knowledge is power” took on a new depth of meaning after completing her degree. “When you have more knowledge, you feel like you can accomplish so much no matter what anyone says. I feel like I dream bigger now and am able to make my dreams become reality if I really want to,” she explained.

These words are particularly poignant considering the journey Kennedy traveled to receive her degree. It began at another institution that had semesters rather than quarters. After deciding that wasn’t the route for her she began taking online course at Harrison. Personal medical issues were a setback for a while but encouragement from her husband got her back on track. Math proved to be another challenge for Kennedy but she wisely reached out for tutoring help. “My brain just doesn’t like numbers but instead of dropping out or trying to squeeze by I got a tutor. The Harrison free tutor was a lifesaver. Even with a tutor it was rough but I learned a lot and became more accepting of asking for help which is not something I used to like to do,” she shared.

Kennedy had this to say about her online experience. “Going to college online is no easy task. I feel like it made me more accountable for my own learning and it helped to make me a more competent communicator; more conscious of how I come across to others in email. Attending Harrison made me a more accomplished person in all areas of my life. I know how to juggle different aspects of life and prioritize them in such a way that I can complete them without feeling overwhelmed.”

While Kennedy’s employer didn’t require her to have a college education she believes she is now a better employee. “I decided to go for myself and finish what I had started. I am more educated and knowledgeable in the business field. Harrison College allowed me to obtain a degree that is career focused and gave me the most up-to-date education in my area of study.”