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Lesley McDowell
A.A.S. Medical Assisting

It is a universal “law of the farm” that you reap what you sow. For Lesley McDowell her sowing has led to a bumper crop! After enduring what she described as a “worst school ever experience” at another college, she landed at Harrison in response to a television commercial. “I was so impressed with the cleanliness, professional atmosphere and welcoming staff that I enrolled the day I had my first interview. Little did I know it would be the beginning of a whole new journey,” she shared.

Taking classes online held huge appeal for McDowell for many reasons. “I found online learning to be convenient and an effective way for me to learn because it kept me involved in discussions and busy with tests and assignments. Online courses were extremely easy to maneuver and I was able to focus on outside life without being stuck in a classroom all of the time,” she explained. Near the end of her program she had her first experience with courses on campus. “What was truly amazing is that I felt like I had been part of the class the entire time. It was a small class with just five lovely ladies and the instructor, Mrs. Lisa Boswell. Mrs. Lisa made the class so exciting and I could really tell she loves what she does. Once I saw how highly she spoke of being an MA, I realized that I truly did make the best career path decision. The following quarter I had Ms. Deb Rogers (Momma Deb) who also obviously loved what she did. Those two made such a huge impact on me by helping, motivating, teaching, and always having a positive outlook on things.” 

Her final quarter included two online classes and an externship. She believed her best shot at employment would be to prove herself to the company at her extern site in hopes of landing a job after graduation. She exclaimed, “Boy was I wrong! I worked so hard at my plan to get in as many hours as possible but I didn’t make it to week 12.  My supervisor was so impressed by my skills learned from Harrison and with experience as a CNA (Certified Nurse’s Assistant) for so many years that he offered me a position with the company in week 5! I was so excited.”

With all of her extern hours completed by week 9, McDowell will actually receive her first full paycheck as a Medical Assistant on her last day of college. “It may sound silly to some, but I truly feel like a Harrison College success story because I came into the MA program knowing what I wanted to take away from it and truly did just that. I rocked it, every step of the way and have maintained at least a 3.6 the entire time. I love what I do now and am truly thankful for the entire Harrison College experience to help get me where I am today. With the support of so many people, I am finally reaching the light at the end of the “college” tunnel and happily waking up every morning to work for an awesome company. My hard work and dedication had finally paid off.” And the law of the farm is validated once again.