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Lisa Bean
TS-C, St. Vincent Dunn Hospital

Lisa Bean knows firsthand the importance of the statement, “When the going gets tough…the tough get going,” In fact, she carved out personal time away from work to share how Harrison College extern, Sanford Roland lived it out in an operating room.

“I have been too busy at work to take time to write so I am doing it from home. I need to let you know how much all of us at Dunn love and appreciate Sanford. He is a kind and compassionate person. His skills as a surgical technologist are already outstanding. We never have to tell him to do something and rarely have the opportunity to ask him to do something; he is usually already doing it. We had a situation recently that made me extremely proud of him. Sanford and I were scrubbed in for an ORIF Right Humerus with/IM Nail. It was a very difficult case and after a long period of struggling the surgeon became weak and ended up on the floor. Sanford never skipped a beat. He remained where he was standing and continued to hold the patient’s arm. He watched the moves of every person and kept track of what was sterile and what was contaminated. I was contaminated so I broke scrub and told him to remain sterile and to watch the sterile field. After assisting the doctor I re-scrubbed and helped Sanford maintain the sterile field. His composure during this bizarre episode was unbelievable for a person who had been scrubbing for less than three weeks. As I recounted the story to my boss, explaining how proud I was of Sanford it brought us both to tears. I guess I just thought you needed to know that Sanford is an extraordinary man and an excellent scrub.”

Lisa also stated, “For approximately nine years I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent students from Harrison College through our externship program. And I have recommended Harrison students to others who have shown interest in my field of work. Thank you for the great experiences I have had with your students.”