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Lonny Kincaid
Information Technology, Online

For Lonny and Angela Kincaid their long-range goals are synonymous with long-distance. And Harrison College is playing a significant role. After graduation, Lonny from IT and Angela from Accounting, they hope to land positions in Scotland. “We visited there and thought it was heaven on earth. I would love to stay with my current employer and transfer to Cumber auld Scotland, near Glasgow, but Aberdeen would be fine, too. Scotland is a hot bed for IT and I would like to be a network engineer or do something with data security.”

With many options for furthering his education Lonny had this to say about choosing Harrison, “My wife attended Indiana Business College years ago and had a good experience, so that was definitely an influence. We are both back in school to get our bachelor’s degrees and my daughter is currently in the 2x2 program with plans to begin her accounting degree at Harrison this summer. I think Harrison is the best school in Indiana for people that are wanting to go back to school but don’t have time to sit in a classroom.”

At this point in his educational journey Lonny has faced challenges and celebrated successes. “I am 40 years old and while not computer illiterate, I am certainly no whiz either. My challenge and obstacle right now is HTML in my Applied Network Technologies class. I have never used HTML before and I know nothing about it. On the positive side I have such great support from Harrison staff. Justin Gray is always there for me when I have a problem or concern. He is very warm and friendly, yet professional. He invited me to be one of the initial testers of Know U. I think it (Know U) is going to change the way students approach and think about online learning. Support has been great. I can instantly chat with someone if there is a problem. I think online learning will certainly be better for it. I’ve met a lot of great people through this that I didn’t know before and it truly was an honor to be selected.”

Highly involved in many aspects of the online world, Kincaid had this to say about Harrison in one of his recent Facebook posts,” I just read the article about how Harrison did well above the national average. That not only makes me think I made the right decision to return to school, but it gives me pride in knowing I chose Harrison over any of the millions of online schools. I am proud to be a student at Harrison and my student counselor (as is everyone else) is always there when I have a question or a problem and I NEVER have to wait. Does it surprise me that Harrison is doing so well? Nope.”

Kincaid summed up his commitment to reaching his goal by saying, “I am very excited about being a student at Harrison, and I do believe with all my heart that with hard work on my part, guidance from the staff at Harrison (who are ALWAYS friendly to me), and help from God, all my dreams will indeed come to fruition.” Now that’s an attitude that will help him go the distance!