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Lowell Frame
Senior VP of Regulatory Affairs

Integrity: uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical standards. This powerful word that impacts individuals and institutions is part of what drew Lowell Frame to then-Indiana Business College in 1990 and has kept him here (Harrison College) for more than two decades. The other part is the caring relationships that he has enjoyed with students, colleagues, friends, mentors and leaders. 

Frame remarked, “Bill Griffin was my first supervisor at IBC. A highly principled man, he had great integrity and was truly genuine in all his interactions with me. I was impressed with the way he always encouraged and cared deeply for his students, faculty and staff. Ken Konesco has been my boss, my mentor and a friend from the very first time I met him. As a mentor he encouraged me to excel in whatever I was doing and he helped me "let go" of things and expect others to do the job, even better than I might have. There are times when I think his vision for me was even loftier than my own. And I think he was right! Mike Skaggs has always been a steady, passionate friend and mentor. We have gotten closer as the years go by and I have long seen Mike's tremendous passion for Harrison and our students. He is the voice of reason and the soft-spoken person in the room who always has the most insightful things to say, often challenges us in profound ways, and always gives the credit to someone else. What a great guy! My most recent boss and mentor, Dennis Trinkle is a great leader and a visionary extraordinaire. I have never met someone so right for Harrison College. He has many talents but the one most outstanding to me is his leadership ability. Because of him, I have chosen not to retire but to remain engaged, working directly with him to achieve HLC accreditation. He is inspirational to the highest level. I am honored and blessed to be working with him.”

Understandably Frame’s list of favorite memories at Harrison is a long one and a few highlights include: his first day at IBC, where his office was a tiny room with no windows and a desk too large for the room, his first office as a VP in the old board room on the 3rd floor of the church, the first convention he and Ken attended with their wives and receiving maximum grants of six years for each of four ACICS self-study visits. Regarding the values of faith, family, health and job being lived out he commented, “I have always received encouragement from Ken to take care of myself and my family and when my mother passed away in 1993, Ken, Joe Davis (former employee), and Mike Skaggs drove to Fort Wayne to attend her funeral. I was totally blown away by that support and kindness!”

Frame’s practical advice for anyone considering a position at Harrison includes, “Bring your best to work every day and be ready to work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Be certain that leadership development is one of your personal goals and know that support by and for your team is expected. Absolutely make a few mistakes, learn from them and recognize that is the way Harrison will grow. Above all, before making a commitment to Harrison College, align yourself with the mission and goals of this great institution.”

In his opinion the "what's right" for the employees and students pervades leadership decisions at Harrison. “It always has and I don't see that stopping. Of course as a proprietary college, profit is important, but the challenges we have are always met and resolved first by doing what is right for our students and employees. Only then do we think about the financial impact. Just another example that caring, trust, honesty and …integrity stand at Harrison College.”