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Lynn Beuke
Certificate in Medical Office Assisting

According to Lynn Beuke there is great satisfaction in finishing what you’ve started, even if decades span your beginning and ending dates. Her initial enrollment at Harrison (then Indiana Business College) was in the 1970s and she had her doubts as to whether or not reentry made sense for her. “I wasn’t sure if being an older person going back to school was a good idea until I called Harrison. When I talked with the enrollment representative they made me feel like not only would I succeed but I was coming back to family. They still had my old records and encouraged me to come. I enrolled in the spring of 2008 and graduated in the summer of 2011,” she said.

A favorite memory of Beuke’s during her time at Harrison was when her instructors called and asked students to do mock interviews and mock registrations. She also shared that she took all of her classes online and felt that all of her instructors influenced her. “I knew that each of them had families, friends and a personal life, but they still had time to teach their online students. They all understood that we (the students) had things happen in everyday life and they encouraged us to do our best,” Bueke commented.

When asked how the values of faith, family, health and job were lived out in the culture at Harrison Beuke shared, “It seemed to me that the school as a whole believed in the idea that family comes first. I experienced that in a personal way when my first grandbaby was born during finals week. My instructors were so wonderful that they let me take my finals at a later date.” 

Graduating with a B average at the age of 52 Bueke believes that if she can do it, anyone can! She advises, “Don’t be afraid no matter your age! Age makes no difference when you’re trying to better yourself. Make sure to take time to study and if you have questions or need more help go to your advisors! I found them to be an awesome support system.” Now that’s sound advice for anyone seeking a new beginning.