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Megan Calloway
A.A.S. Criminal Justice

Investments can be costly in terms of time and money, but purposed correctly they can lead to long term rewards that far outweigh their initial sacrifice. For Megan Calloway she believed investing in her education had the potential to affect more lives than just her own. “I am a single mother and have three beautiful children who look up to me. I went back to school because I knew that investing in myself was investing in my children. Harrison College gave me the flexibility I needed to reach my educational goals. With online classes and the ability to complete assignments on my time, I was able to finish my two-year degree in less than two years, work, take care of three kids and my household all at the same time,” she explained.

Part of what drew her to Harrison was its culture. Calloway commented,“Harrison College is not a huge school, you actually get to know all the staff!! I think that since Harrison College is so small, compared to other colleges, you are able to become part of a close-knit family. My recruiter that I initially enrolled with, still contacts me! I think that shows that you as a student are not forgotten.” Favorite memories of her time at Harrison are both humorous and inspiring. “My favorite memory was when I accidently went to the wrong class on my first day. I sat in the class for 45 minutes before I realized it wasn't a math class!!! After that quarter, I switched to online classes. My first teacher, in Business Law, was most influential. He was a lawyer as well as a teacher and he walked with purpose every class day. I felt like his support helped me continue on and finish my degree. He was an inspiration!” shared Calloway.

And although she completed her degree in record time, her path was not trouble-free. Being a working, single-mother of three had its obvious challenges. Calloway described it by saying, “I would often find myself discouraged because I felt I didn't have enough time. My strategies class,however, gave me insight on time-management and allowed me to set specific time schedules so I would have enough time throughout the week to complete assignments. My experience at Harrison College prepared me for meeting deadlines and organizational skills. I also feel that it made me more responsible as a person.”

For those considering attending Harrison College she commented, “I would say,just do it!! You have one life to live!! No matter your age or how long you have been out of school, I believe Harrison College will help you along the way. There is free tutoring and staff members who will talk with you basically whenever you need to talk. It's never too late to invest in yourself and future, you’re worth it.” Sound investment advice offered by one with real life experience!