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Morgan Yandle
Medical Reimbursement Technology, Online

Morgan Yandle wants to teach her three children what it takes to be successful. And she believes that her pursuit to earn a degree will serve as an example for her children. “I want to be able to prove to my kids that, with confidence and lots of hard work, anything is possible.”

Yandle certainly serves as an inspiration for her children, but for many adults as well. She has faced a bit of adversity since enrolling at Harrison College, including undergoing a major surgery. She’s also faced the additional stress that comes with a wedding and a pregnancy. Still, she has met those challenges and continued with her education – never taking any time off school.

Despite the fact that she lives in New York and takes all of her classes Online, Yandle has formed friendships with her Harrison College classmates. She says the opportunity to meet one of those classmates has been one of the highlights of her college experience. “We were partners in a Coding II class,” Yandle says. “We keep in touch through Facebook and have a lot in common. I’m so glad I met her.”

And while she serves as an inspiration to others, Yandle says she draws inspiration and motivation from her mother. “She is always there for me, rooting me on,” she says. “All the encouragement she has given me has influenced me in a big way.”