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Sarah Eustis
Campus Director, Inside Track

I am truly impressed by the deep commitment to student success exhibited by each staff member I have met at Harrison College. To a person, Harrison staff seems to truly live out the school’s mission of collaborating to deliver a student-centered education. 

My work allows me the opportunity to have consistent contact with key staff members. Each of these people meets the challenges of their job with passion, creativity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to do right by students. They are tireless in their work.

One of my favorite memories is of first meeting the SAS team. The questions they posed about InsideTrack and the nature of our partnership showed that they were fiercely committed to their students. The SAS team wanted to be sure that InsideTrack coaches cared as deeply about -- and were as committed to -- student success as they are. My advice to anyone considering establishing a relationship with Harrison College is: Use them! Harrison provides excellent resources to its students.