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Sarah Grubb
Health Care Management, Terre Haute

Motivation takes different forms; sometimes it’s retreating from a negative situation that moves us forward and other times it’s a positive action that does the trick. For Sarah Grubb, her motivation to attend Harrison College was both. She explains, “After graduating from high school I bounced around from one mediocre job to another. I knew a four year university was not for me because I was married and had three children. Day after day I heard radio ads for Harrison while I was on my way to work and after discussing it with my husband I finally filled out the online form for more information.” That decision is one that she describes as, “Without a doubt, the right one. As soon as I walked into Harrison College I knew I was where I wanted to be. The staff is absolutely amazing. All of my questions have been answered, each quarter I have been able to change my schedule to fit my needs, and the support I receive for everything from homework, to personal issues, to dealing with the stress of being a student, wife and parent is something I believe every school should offer.”

Inspirational people have also motivated Sarah. From Mr. Camp, her first instructor who encouraged his students to use the tools provided to create a successful life and career, to Brandi Burris who invited her to participate as a Student Ambassador and is providing guidance on what it means to be a leader, to campus president Brennan Randolph who spends time talking to students and getting involved in campus projects, Grubb says she is thankful for all who are helping her along her educational journey. And as she is learning, she is also inspiring others by giving back. Collaborating with alumni, Marsha Dowell on the Cruise-In for Diabetes afforded Grubb with an experience she reports, “…opened so many doors of opportunity for me; meeting new people and building relationships, raising money for a good cause and even being on the local morning news. Experiences like this are part of what receiving an excellent education is all about.”

Sarah uses examples of support when explaining her view on how the values of faith, family, health and job are lived out in the culture at Harrison. “The staff and faculty have shown their values to me each and every day. On a weekly basis I am asked by someone on staff about my upcoming mission trip to Hungry, they know the names of my children and the activities my family is involved in. The instructors listen to us and care about the stress we deal with as students. I am being provided with tools and knowledge that will help me build a successful career but I am also building friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.”

For those contemplating a Harrison experience Grubb advises, “At Harrison I have experienced excellence at every level; instructors who listen to my concerns, staff who care about me and support me and an education that, in my opinion, is cutting edge in my field. I believe there is no other school out there like Harrison College and I know I’m going to be at the top of my game when I graduate thanks to Harrison.” With an attitude like that Sarah will motivate others wherever she lands.