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Scott Fitzgibbon
President, Fitzgibbon and Associates Inc., An Affiliate of The Pacific Institute

“I travel North America extensively as a trainer and make my way to Harrison about three times a year. It is always a "pick me up" to be around the amazing culture. From the moment I met Ken and Jason Konesco, I learned how the principles of faith, family, health, and the commitment to "changing lives one student at a time" guide each employee’s approach to their role at Harrison College."

"The common theme of the countless testimonials I’ve heard from Harrison faculty and staff is clear, Harrison not only permits, but expects them to put faith, family, and their health ahead of their job. In the corporate world today that seems to push faith and family further away from work, it is so refreshing to see it embraced at Harrison College. I can imagine that as a student at Harrison, it is a rare opportunity to not only receive such a high quality product, but to experience that product within a culture that is the envy of most businesses."

"I have had the privilege to visit most every campus at some point over the last eight years and the dedication and authenticity in the people that represent Harrison is contagious. Most of the training and development initiatives that I have been involved with have been planned and coordinated by Lowell Frame and Bob Boudrot. In typical Harrison fashion, both Lowell and Bob made me feel as if I was an extension of the Harrison family. I have learned what the term "strategic partner" truly means and have found that partnership with Harrison College to be both personally and professionally rewarding.”