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Stacey Howard
Medical Assisting, Lafayette

Discovering one’s purpose in life can occur at different stages for different people. For Stacey Howard it didn’t happen until she was in her 40s. After having been a homemaker for 12 years her husband’s health began to deteriorate and she recognized that in order to help out financially it would be necessary for her to sharpen her marketable skills. Researching various options led her to the Lafayette Campus of Harrison College where she determined to pursue her A.A.S. in medical assisting. “Mike Myers delivered the enrollment message in an honest and professional manner. I knew right then that if I walked out of that office, I never would attend college,” stated Howard.

Attend she did and the experience has been memorable! At the top of her list of favorite experiences was when she visited the campus to be fitted for her scrubs. She met Carissa Nagel that day and sensed they had actually met before. A check of her Facebook friends revealed a post from Carissa and that was when Howard made the connection. Prior to her role on staff at Harrison, Nagle had worked as a pain management nurse assisting cancer patients. Howard remembered how Nagel had assisted and blessed her brother during his last few months of life until his passing. “I sensed from my brother that I was in good hands with Carissa and that felt like affirmation that I was in the right place at Harrison College,” she shared.

“There are so many people who have influenced me in a positive way. Whatever I’ve needed there has been a staff member available to assist me. I have worked very closely with Mike Myers, Dinah Easterly and Carissa Nagel. Each of these wonderful staff members excel in their fields. No matter when I’ve come into contact with them they’ve been ready to help with a smile and a hug. Each of them has a special place in my heart, as they are the keys to my success,” remarked Howard. She advised those considering Harrison, “Do not be afraid of your future. College is a choice and if you choose to attend, then you choose the work load, but with the staff at Harrison I believe you will find a family to assist you every step of the way to see that you succeed.”

 Howard continued, “I am far more confident in my abilities and leadership skills since attending Harrison. I know it sounds silly for a woman my age not to be confident in leadership, but there are times that taking the back seat gets quite comfortable. Not now, I am moving forward and I am looking forward to the new career. My time at Harrison has allowed me to discover who I am and what my purpose in life is. With so much encouragement, love and support I am going to graduate as a Certified Medical Assistant at the age of 48, walk the stage in honor of my brother and get my pin from our angel Carissa Nagel.”

 With that kind of drive and determination, Stacey Howard is undoubtedly poised to make a difference; a truly worthy purpose for anyone’s life.