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Stacey Rodriguez
A.A.S. in Medical Assisting

Ambassador: a diplomatic official of the highest rank. The definition has an impressive ring to it and implies a sense of leadership. Stacey Rodriguez would agree and is proud to have held the title of Student Ambassador while attending Harrison College. “Because of this experience I have been able to serve as a voice of the students on my campus. I actually think this role is ‘interview-worthy’ before being selected and would love to see it elevated in its responsibilities.” And what a voice she has been!

Here’s how it happened. With a husband traveling for business and as a mother of seven children, four at home, ages 10-17, Rodriguez faced the responsibility of balancing family responsibilities, pretty much solo. A degree in radiology under her belt but no jobs in the area found her seeking continuing education alternatives. A private college with a smaller campus environment made Harrison very attractive to her. Her enthusiasm for learning (Dean’s List member) and determination to succeed was quickly noticed by the faculty and staff at the Terre Haute campus. 

An invitation to serve on the Advisory Board afforded her with the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for her Harrison education and serve as an outlet for her passion: seeing the nursing program launched at Terre Haute. “Bringing the nursing program to our county would be huge! We need programs like this that will keep students in our community by preparing them for great jobs in the medical field.” The positive impressions of her Harrison experience continue as she shared, “ Every instructor at Harrison has left a positive impact on me. They were always willing to help. I am particularly grateful to my medical instructor for associating terms and conditions in ways that will stick with me forever. I realized during my externship that not only was I well-prepared to be out in the field, I was also quite knowledgeable and even able to teach them some things.”

What’s next? Stacey is on board to continue to serve as a voice for Harrison by encouraging prospective students to check out Harrison and by supporting alumni engagement. “I personally think Harrison College is the best in our state and that there is a personal commitment to students that you just don’t find at other colleges. I plan to promote it to anyone I can. I am so blessed to have been a student here. I want to continue to work to make it even more successful.” Clearly Rodriguez has her sights set on a role as an alumni ambassador. And the Harrison College Alumni Association is honored to have her.