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Sylvia Winston
A.A.S. in Administrative Assistant

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” For Sylvia Winston her necessity was caused by the downturn in the economy and the invention that resulted was her enrollment at Harrison College (Indiana Business College at the time). “I knew I needed to upgrade my skills and was really motivated for my dedication to learning when I made the Dean’s List each quarter,” said Winston. 

One particularly positive experience involved her instructor, Mrs. Paulette Brown. Winston shared, “She asked if she could use some of my papers written in her class as examples for her new class. I thought that was awesome.”  Her time at Harrison was not without obstacles as she was pregnant and unemployed, but she found the flexibility of being able to take classes online to be extremely helpful.

Winston believes her experience at Harrison has prepared her well. She explained, “My customer service class was awesome! I am a customer and I know how to listen. I learned some great new techniques during that class.” And fort hose contemplating college she added, “It is important to think about how dedicated you are toward your education. There are many pluses in making a grand decision like attending college and a college degree certainly looks good on your resume!”

And, Winston is already giving back by committing to service as an Alumni Ambassador with the Harrison College Alumni Association where she will have opportunities to support current students as they embark on their own collegiate journey. Another striking example of how reinventing oneself can lead to powerful, positive impact on others.