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Application Process

If you are ready to apply to college, the application process does not have to be complex and time-consuming. Because our simplified enrollment process does not include application deadlines or fees, you could be eligible to start classes within a week once you are enrolled.

Completing your Harrison College application is only the beginning of your education and your future. There are still other tasks that you will need to accomplish before beginning your education, but we will be sure to lead you through this process. We hope to welcome you soon to the Harrison College family!

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"The enrollment team is just wonderful. They are so comforting. They wanted me to make my own decisions. They knew what would be the best fit for me. They knew what I would excel in." Marisa, Medical Assisting
Marisa, Medical Assisting


Three Steps to Apply to Harrison

  1. Interview with an Admissions Representative
    The first step in applying to Harrison involves one of our admissions representatives personally interviewing you to learn about your interests and goals, so we can help you prepare for your education and future career. Call 888.500.1026 to speak with an admissions representative.

  2. Complete and Submit Admissions Forms
    When you are ready, fill out your online application. Once you complete and submit the Harrison application for enrollment and other admissions forms, our enrollment department will begin processing the forms immediately. 

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  3. Complete the Placement Exams
    In order to set you up for success, these placement exams will determine what courses will help you most in math, English and digital literacy. You should complete this step within 48 hours of your admissions interview.

Re-Enrollment for Returning Students

Welcome back!

If you have been withdrawn from Harrison for less than one year, please complete the re-enrollment application by clicking on the button below, or call 888.601.3812 to begin the re-entry process.

If you have been withdrawn for more than one year, please call 888.500.1026.

Re-enrollment Application

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