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Harrison College Student Success Grant

For our Harrison College Student Success Grant (“HCSSG”), the more education you complete with Harrison College or The Chef's Academy at Harrison College, the greater the grant amount you will receive.

Simply start your first for-credit course in a certificate, diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree program after September 1, 2015, and you could earn a significant grant in the future. You may be able to earn as much as $10,000 by the time you graduate.

How Does the HCSSG Work?

Harrison College will award an HCSSG based on the cost of Eligible Courses to Eligible Students (see the definitions below) and continuing students according to the following chart:

student success grant graph

Eligible Courses

  1. An Eligible Course is one taken by a new student
    • Enrolled in a certificate, diploma, associate or bachelor's degree program of study requiring a minimum of 48 credits to complete; and
    • Who posts attendance for his or her first credit-bearing course on or after September 1, 2015; and
    • Who is charged for his or her first credit–bearing course on or after September 1, 2015.
  2. An Eligible Course is also one taken by a former student
    • Who has previously attended but whose official last date of attendance is greater than 365 days or
    • Who attended a course within the past 365 days, if he or she was enrolled (a) as a non-degree seeking student or (b) officially withdrew or whose attendance was cancelled during Harrison College’s official add/drop period.

Eligible Students

A student who attends six credits or more in a degree seeking program of study in a term which begins on or after September 1, 2015, and who signs a “Participation Agreement” agreeing to the terms and conditions of the HCSSG.

Determination of Eligibility; Application of Grant

  1. The final determination of whether a student is an Eligible Student taking an Eligible Course is made in the sole and absolute discretion of Harrison College. Upon admission to a qualifying program of study, a student must contact the College’s Financial Aid department to determine if he or she is eligible for the HCSSG.  If the school determines the student satisfies the eligibility requirements of the HCSSG, the Eligible Student will have the opportunity to qualify for an HCSSG award for each term of each academic year that the student remains continuously enrolled in his or her program of study at the school, beginning with the student’s first year of eligibility. 
  2. If the Eligible Student qualifies for a HCSSG in any term in which he or she is enrolled, the Eligible Student will receive a HCSSG in the form of a disbursement based on the amount of tuition charged to the Eligible Student’s ledger card for the courses of the program taken by the eligible student in that academic term, after first applying any other institutional scholarships, awards or grants to the eligible student’s account. This amount will be calculated and posted to the Eligible Student’s ledger card beginning as early as the third week in each term. The award will not be earned until after attendance has been recorded beyond the "60% point" of each term.
  3. In no event will a refund be issued to an Eligible Student as a result of receiving a HCSSG – instead, the HCSSG for that Eligible Student will be proportionately reduced to avoid a resulting credit balance or student loan amounts will be refunded in an amount equal to the amount of credit on the student's ledger card according to the school’s refund policy.
  4. The school may, at any time in its sole discretion, terminate the HCSSG program, which termination will be effective at the start of the next term.

Maintaining Qualification for the HCSSG

To qualify for a HCSSG for any subsequent term of the first and any subsequent academic year, an eligible student must:

  1. Be enrolled at Harrison College/The Chef’s Academy at all times during that term in courses in your degree program of study and be charged at a minimum of six credit hours for the term; and
  2. At the end of the student’s first and any subsequent academic year, be making satisfactory academic progress in his or her program of study


  1. The HCSSG will be applied towards the current tuition costs for the eligible course.
  2. Students enrolled in programs of study at The Chef’s Academy are also eligible to participate in the HCSSG program, and earn as much as $5,800 by the time they graduate.

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