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Tuition Freeze

You work hard to make money and manage your finances. You may even have a family to support.

To make sure you do not have to worry about college tuition payments that increase during your time at Harrison College, we have a tuition freeze program. Our tuition freeze program means that you may be eligible to keep the same tuition rates throughout your time at Harrison.

"Financial aid analysts are always available to answer any questions that the students may come across as they are setting up their funding to cover their schooling." Jaime, Financial Aid Analyst
Jaime, Financial Aid Analyst

All you have to do to be eligible for a tuition freeze are these two things:

  • Remain a degree-seeking student in the program in which you enrolled (which includes diplomas, certificates and associate and bachelor’s degrees)
  • Remain continuously enrolled throughout your program without taking time off

That is it. As long as you follow these two steps, your tuition will not increase while you attend Harrison.

If you have questions about our tuition freeze program, please contact an admissions representative by filling out a request information form or calling 888.500.1026.

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