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Graduate Together Grant

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Earn Grants Together as You Journey to a Degree

  1. Enroll at Harrison College with a friend and each of you will receive a $250 grant once you start classes.

  2. When you each complete half of the credit hours toward your degrees, each of you will receive an additional $500 grant.

  3. Then, in your last quarter prior to graduation, each of you will receive another grant in the amount of $1,000!

Graduating college is easier with the support of friends. Start your journey together by filling out the form below!

How does the Graduate Together Grant work?

Provided you both remain continuously enrolled, the first grant will be applied to your balances the week following registration billing. The grant will be applied after tuition billing is complete. Once you successfully complete half of the credits toward your degree, and your friend is still an active student, simply talk with your Financial Aid Representative to have them apply your $500 grant. We will confirm that the two of you are still enrolled and give you a “Graduate Together” t-shirt. Then, during the last quarter before you graduate, reach out again to your Financial Aid Representative. If your friend is still enrolled, you’ll be awarded your $1,000 grant.

Your Friend's Information

Your Information

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Current students are eligible to refer friends.
  • The grant milestones are based on credit hours earned for each student’s individual degree, therefore both students do not need to achieve the milestones at the same time.
  • The 50% award of $500 and graduation award of $1,000 will only be awarded once each.
  • Students do not need to be in the same degree program to be eligible.
  • Both students need to be continuously enrolled or graduated from his or her program of study, from start to graduation, in order to remain eligible to receive the grant at each respective milestone.
  • The grant has no cash value. Dollars will be applied to an outstanding balance at each point.
  • The grant is not available to participants of the Harrison College employee tuition waiver program.
  • Referred students must have no prior affiliation with Harrison College in order to be eligible for the grant.