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3 Information Technology Jobs Attracting Students to IT Degrees

Aug 31, 2017 | Harrison College

3 Information Technology Jobs Attracting Students to IT Degrees

Information technology jobs are incredibly valuable in this increasingly digital age.

Students are turning in large numbers to IT majors in order to snag a high paying IT job after college. 

Hey, you're already spending so much of your time on a computer, you may as well be paid for it, right?

Information technology jobs are not difficult to find. In fact, the number of IT jobs is set to grow by 12 percent by 2024

Check out this list of information technology jobs with high salaries. 

1) Information Technology Manager

Information technology managers make an average of $131,600 a year

This job requires you to manage other IT professionals, and complete technology related research for a company.

Typically the information technology manager is the highest level IT employee at a company and they're skilled in both IT and management. 

You must be extremely independent if you seek an information technology manager job, as you are the person who has to make the final decisions on IT matters for the company you work for. 

To be a good information technology manager you will need to have interpersonal skills, attention to detail, leadership skills and a wide knowledge of the IT industry.

2) Data Architect

Data architects get paid a median salary of $113,000

If you love sorting information and data online, a Data Architect might be for you. 

With this job, you are responsible for managing a companies data. This includes building complex databases for systems to store all of their information. 

Data architects sort a company's data to make it easier to access and sort for when a company needs it. Don't feel like you'll have to be in school forever, you can land this job with just an IT bachelor's degree. 

If you want to excel as a data architects you will need analytical skills, communication skills, and the ability to think logically. 

3) Software Engineering Manager

A software engineering manager's median salary is about $110,000

Software engineering managers oversee the development and engineering of software. To do this job well you must be extremely knowledgeable about software in order to manage a team of software engineers. 

Generally, landings a software engineer manager job will require that you've worked for at least five years as a software engineer.

Skills that will make you a great software engineering manager include; emotional intelligence, management capabilities, software engineering skills, presentation skills, and communication skills. 

Get Out There and Earn Your Degree

We hope this list showed you the wonderful information technology jobs that were out there and inspired you to get an IT degree or IT certification.

Information technology is a field that is not dying off but is instead growing steadily. All it takes is an interest in information technology and a willingness to work hard. 

If you have any questions about the information technology jobs we mentioned above, or if you want more information about Harrison College, please contact us today

We are invested in your education.

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