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3 Tips for Standing Out in Your Next Job Interview

Jan 20, 2016 | Harrison College

3 Tips for Standing Out in Your Next Job Interview

What makes you stand out in an interview from other qualified candidates? During job interviews, hiring managers are often trying to not only gauge your ability to do a job but also if you will be a good cultural fit for their team. Candidates who stand out often are individuals who would fit in the role both professionally and personally, so sharing about yourself — outside of the scope of the role — can make you stand out from other candidates.

So how do you strike a balance between showcasing your qualifications and highlighting personal experiences? These three job interview tips can help you prepare for an upcoming interview, tailor your personal and professional skills to the position and stand out among other candidates: 

What drives you.

What drives you to get up in the morning? What do you want to change in the world and how does it align with the company’s goals? Demonstrating what is important to you highlights your drive and work ethic while helping your potential employer get to know you. When discussing your motivations, remember to:

  • Highlight topics that are related to the job
  • And discuss how these personal interests can benefit your prospective employer

Talking about your passion and drive in an interview shows future employers that you want to help them meet their goals and succeed. For example, many parents strive to be good role models for their children. Bringing this desire into an interview can help an employer understand that family values are important for you, as well as achieving personal and professional success.

Other drivers can be about your passion. If you are pursuing a job in healthcare, did you choose this route because you want to help people? Is there a story you can tell that inspired you to purse healthcare in the first place? These types of details showcase your dedication to a career in addition to your qualifications. 

Languages you speak.

For companies that regularly deal with international clients, bilingualism is extremely valuable in potential candidates. Having an employee on hand who can engage with clients who speak a language other than English is especially appealing to companies interested in entering new markets.

Some of the jobs slated to be the most in-demand for 2016 such as nurses and medical assistants, information technology, sales and business and finance need look for candidates who are multilingual. Confidently sharing languages that you can speak in an interview will help you stand out from other candidates. 

Travel, hobby and volunteer experiences.

When pursuing a new job, particularly if you are entering a new career field, you may not always have a wealth of direct experience. In addition to listing and discussing what you have learned in school, giving examples from other areas of your life can help a potential employer see how you have handled similar situations you may encounter at work.

Travel experiences can be great to highlight because you may have encountered new cultures, language barriers and stressors. If this connects with you, consider sharing a story of when you faced an obstacle in travel and how you overcame it. Other great topics to bring up include hobbies and volunteering. Do you build model planes or cars? How have you had to think critically to complete these projects? Maybe you volunteer at animal shelters, schools or in other areas. How have these experiences helped you grow? Have they helped you learn to communicate with different personality types, manage your time more effectively or given you experience learning new skills?


Looking for more interview tips? At Harrison College, we are dedicated to helping our students succeed. From faculty and staff support to its career services team, Harrison has built a community designed to encourage students to succeed. To learn more about our career services department and how they can help you, call a team member at 877.205.1099. 

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