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4 Benefits of a Central Sterile Processing Certificate

Sep 2, 2017 | Harrison College

4 Benefits of a Central Sterile Processing Certificate

When you think of a hospital cleaning crew do you think about custodians or behind the scene life savers? Probably the first one. What most people don't think about is the people who save lives by keeping surgery tools clean. These behind the scene heroes are called sterile processors and it would be impossible to run a hospital without them.

Their job is to take surgical instruments and make sure they're clean and sterile before their next use. The efficiency of the hospital and the patients' lives depend on the work they do. If saving lives behind the scenes appeals to you, you should look into our Central Sterile Processing Certification

Benefits of Central Sterile Processing Jobs

1. It's a Salaried Position

For most hospitals and private clinics, sterile processing jobs bring in anywhere from $30,000-45,000 thousand a year. Broken down by the hour that comes out to about twenty dollars per, which is the Indiana average. Since it's a salaried, full-time position, prospective processors can expect health insurance and benefits.

The quality of the benefits depends on the employer's specific plan, as well as the salary offered. 

2. Keep People Safe Behind the Scenes

While processors don't work directly with patients, they do a lot to keep them safe. A surgery without sterilized equipment is a huge health risk and can result in death. If you are the type of person who wants to help people but doesn't feel comfortable doing it directly, getting your Central Sterile Processing certificate is a great place to start. 

You'll work along side other technicians and doctors but won't have the pressure of speaking to patients directly. 

3. Fast Training Program 

Harrison's training program is thirty-six weeks long, getting you in and trained within a year. Our quick training program is great for people looking to make a change in their lives without committing to years of school and lots of debt.

In fact, our program graduates have an average of only $7,000 of student debt. The Indiana student debt average for undergraduate school is four times that! 

4. Job Growth and Security

The Central Sterile Processing field is growing steadily. According to the Bureau of Labor, sterile technician jobs are growing at an above average rate. They predict a growth rate of 12% until 2024. In the coming years, over 12,000 jobs in this field will need filling. 

How to Know if This Career is Right for You

  • You work well in teams
  • You want to help people
  • You work methodologically 
  • You can handle blood
  • You'd like to make $30,000-45,000 a year

If you fill the above categories, it's time to explore our Central Sterile Technician Certificate program. We'll teach you everything you need to know for future employment and to pass the qualifying exam. Speak to one of our career counselors today to get a head start on changing your life! 

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