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4 Reasons Why You Should Take LPN Classes

Jul 29, 2017 | Harrison College

4 Reasons Why You Should Take LPN Classes

Have you ever dreamed of earning a good income while helping others? Do you have a caring personality and a special way with people? Then a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, might be right for you!

Being an LPN offers more than a simple paycheck. It offers a sense of fulfillment that only comes from helping others.

LPNs provide care when patients need it most. In hospital settings, they impact patients' recoveries than any other healthcare professional. There are a lot of advantages to becoming an LPN.

Becoming an LPN can be challenging, but Harrison's supportive staff and flexible classes can ensure success. Here are 4 reasons why taking LPN classes might be your first step towards realizing lifelong goals.

LPN Classes Are a Short-Term Commitment

LPN classes take about 1 year to complete. That isn't a long amount of time to invest in a degree, and LPNs can be hired after they pass their national exams. 

In addition, Harrison understands adult learners who are fitting school into already-busy lives. Flexible and online class schedules allow for students to go to school while holding down other jobs and taking care of families.

Being an LPN Offers Professional Growth

Being an LPN offers many opportunities for advancement. You may end up overseeing other nurses or getting further certifications.

IV therapy, pharmacology, and long-term care are just a few of the specialized certifications available to LPNs.

What's more, earning your LPN certification is the first step towards advancing to become a Registered Nurse or RN. Becoming an RN takes 3 or more years depending on the path you choose.

LPNs Have Job Security

You've probably heard that nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the US. In fact, nursing is projected to grow 16% in the next 10 years. That's much faster than the national average.

This trend will only continue to increase with more people needing medical care. Nursing and all other healthcare jobs are on the rise.  

A high median pay is another incentive to become an LPN. Potential income will continue to attract new people to the LPN profession.

Being an LPN Is Rewarding

Nursing is widely known as being rewarding. Good bedside etiquette makes a huge difference in hospital patients' comfort levels. It can also make their medical experiences infinitely better.

From feeding and bathing to managing medical care, nurses impact the day to day comfort of every hospital patient. 

LPN classes are the essential first step towards making a difference in thousands of lives.

The First Step Towards a Lifelong Career

Enrolling in LPN school is the beginning of a bright future. The nursing profession is only expected to keep growing in the coming years. 

With a high median pay and great job security, many people are becoming LPNs. Another huge draw is the relatively quick one-year schooling that it takes. 

Becoming an LPN is hugely rewarding and has incredible potential for a great career. Ready to advance your future? Contact us today to learn more about our LPN program. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

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