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5 Careers That Are Perfect for a Veterinary Technician

Aug 14, 2017 | Harrison College

5 Careers That Are Perfect for a Veterinary Technician

If you're looking for a profitable and steady career option, the job of a veterinary technician may be the one for you.

Veterinary technicians help vets care for animals, doing anything from giving them medicine to helping them in surgery or collecting samples.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this area is projected to grow by 19 percent by the year 2024.

That makes it an ideal job choice, and the great thing is, you can begin working in the field in as few as two years.

Interested in the type of career options you can have? Read on to find out more.

1. Working in a Pet Clinic

Working in a pet clinic is where most veterinary technicians start off. It's an important role that helps the veterinarian do his/her job.

Vet techs in these clinics perform hands-on work, including giving lab tests, taking X-rays, cleaning wounds and setting broken bones.

There's a lot of interaction with people and animals here, which makes it a fun and social job. Not to mention you get to work with kittens and puppies — and get paid for it!  

2. Zoo Veterinary Technician

Interested in working with exotic animals? A career as a zoo veterinary technician suits those who like to walk on the wild side.

The work is similar to that of a technician working with domestic pets. However, the types of animals it's possible to work with are much wider in this career. 

What's more, zoo vet techs don't only work in zoos. They can also work in aquariums if they have an interest in aquatic life.

3. Ophthalmic Veterinary Technician

If you have a special interest in ophthalmology, the job of an ophthalmic veterinary technician may be the right choice.

The work usually involves giving eye exams, diagnosing animals' symptoms and more. In this job, you can work in a private clinic, a specialty practice or a college.

Just like with all specialized areas in the veterinary field, the more you know about this highly technical area, the more you'll be in demand from employers.

4. Animal Behavior Technician

The great thing about being an animal behavior technician is the variety of tasks and areas you can work in. 

For example, just two of the areas that behavior techs work in animal training and behavior modification.

This can mean helping difficult pets to adjust to their homes, a service where you help out both pet parents and pets themselves. 

5. Veterinary Anesthesiologist

There's a lot of variety in the job of a veterinary anesthesiologist and you can specialize in small pets, like cats and dogs, or more exotic animals, like reptiles and birds.

It also has one of the highest salaries in the field. Anesthesia is a routine practice that is needed in many procedures, such as sedating pets for surgery, but it is a very specific science. Expert veterinary anesthesiologists are in high demand.

Where Will Your Veterinary Technician Degree Take You?

There are even more jobs than are mentioned here that you can do with a veterinary technician qualification. 

Excited to start your new career? Our School of Veterinary Technology can help. Request more information today and start on your path toward a brighter future.

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