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5 Job Hunting Tips That Everyone Can Use

Sep 22, 2017 | Harrison College

5 Job Hunting Tips That Everyone Can Use

The job market has changed drastically. There are more and more employees who work freelance, challenging and shaking up the traditional corporate environment.

This is just one of the reasons you should be on the up-and-up on good job hunting tips.

If you're currently looking for a job, take heart! Fortunately, technology has made job searching a lot easier. 

Whether you're currently looking for employment or are anticipating unemployment, read these 5 tips to be hired in no time. 

1. Subscribe to Job Alerts

The easiest of these job hunting tips is to receive new job openings by signing up for job alerts. Most of these companies can send you email notifications. You can also download apps and receive updates as push notifications.

Just be selective which websites you're subscribing to. Some of these job posting services host scam companies. 

Also, make sure to apply only if you're qualified and know this position is one you want.

Find a position you've been dreaming of, or find a company you can see yourself growing with, and be alerted every time something new comes available.

2. Check Company Reviews

Out of the most important job hunting tips, the most critical decision is whether to accept or decline a job offer. 

If you have to provide references and past employment information, a company should provide similar information.

One of the many benefits of the internet age is forums and review sites for jobs, companies, and careers.

Remember, take the reviews with a grain a salt. There are two sides of the story with every negative experience.

3. Job Hunting Tips At a Job Interview

A job interview can make or break your opportunity for employment. Because of this, you should become a pro at answering job interview questions.

But let's say you were interviewed for a position and never got the job. Remember what was said during the interview, and take that as constructive criticism.

If you were asked questions that weren't in your experience or knowledge, learn what exactly that employer was asking. Maybe you didn't "sell yourself" as effectively as possible.

These are all aspects to keep in mind and improve on for your next interview.

4. Networking is Key

It's not what you know, it's who you know. This expression rings true on so many levels, including your career.

But how do you meet the right people? Helpful tools such as social media can easily make important business connections.

But be sure to make personal connections. Attend job fairs, shake hands with everyone you meet in your field, inquire with others about job hunting tips and reach out to friends or friends-of-friends.

5. Don't Forget Cold Calling

If you have your eyes on a company, email them or give them a call.

Explain why you want to work with them, and even share some of the knowledge and passion for that company.

Or, engage with other employers in your field. You never know who will take interest in your boldness!

Good Luck With Your Job Search

Don't stress about job hunting yet. This modern age is making scoring a great career much easier.

If you're looking for other career-minded tips, check out more of our advice to help with your job search, and don't be afraid to reach out to our career services department for assistance.

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