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5 Nursing School Tips to Help You Succeed

Sep 7, 2017 | Harrison College

5 Nursing School Tips to Help You Succeed

Completing nursing school is no easy feat. It's intense and requires major dedication. But, it's also an extremely rewarding and smart career choice to make, in today's economy.

Obtaining employment after graduating nursing school won't be challenging, no matter what nursing program you decide to take.

1.13 million new nurses are needed, says one report by the US Department of Labor. The same report says that by 2020 the demand for nurses will be on the rise of over 20%.

Keep reading to learn 5 nursing school tips to make the transition a little easier.

1. Don't Neglect Yourself

It's easy to become engrossed in your studies and neglect your work-life balance because nursing school is an all-consuming, hands-on program.

Any nursing student knows the core focus of your attention for the duration of your nursing program is what's at the end of the road: NCLEX.

The NCLEX exam is a tremendous amount of pressure, so it's easy to neglect your own life.

Take time to practice self-care by getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and taking time away from your studies to rejuvenate. This will, in turn, improve your studies.

2. Create A Study Group

A group of people with a common goal, make it easier to stay on track, hold each other accountable, and stay disciplined with your studies.

Working in a study group also comes with a slew of benefits that you don't see from nursing students studying solo. With nursing school demanding so much from you, this is an effective way to stay on track.

Studies have shown that study groups prompted students to take more classes compared with those who studied alone. It also has the possibility of increasing nursing student's overall academic performance.

As a nurse, you'll be working with an abundance of people. Meeting with a study group is an excellent practice to get you accustomed to working in a team atmosphere, which is critical as a nurse.

3. Have Your End Goal in Mind

As we touched on, your entire time at nursing school all comes down to one moment. The NCLEX exam. Also known as National Council Licensure Examination.

There's two different NCLEX exams, one for registered nurses, and the other for practical nurses. Regardless of which nursing program you take, you won't become a licensed nurse of any kind, if you don't pass this exam.

It can get confusing and you might not be aware of what to expect with the application process for your NCLEX exam. Getting acquainted and starting to prepare early on gives you the best chance of acing it when the time comes.

However, most nursing programs prepare you for the exam. Then, once you graduate you'll be ready to ace the exam confidently.

4. Give It Your All During Your Placement

While the idea of working for free during your internship may not seem appealing, it can open many doors, so it's crucial to give it your all.

You'll get the chance to have a practice run as a nurse and gain a real sence and appreciation for the position. And interns are often approached after their placement for employment opportunities.

So while you may not get paid at the time of your clinical placement, it'll certainly pay off in the long run.

5. Master Your Studying

Nursing is a serious profession so studying isn't something to take lightly.

Whether you take the 2-year program or 4-year program, you're going to need to find a study system that suits you.

To thoroughly understand subjects like patient care, anatomy, physiology, and the many others you'll learn, you'll want to digest it in smaller nuggets.

Spread out your studying, stick with one subject or area at a time and never, ever cram last minute for a test or exam.

Follow These Nursing School Tips to Set Up Your Career For Life

Let's face it - it doesn't matter what type of nurse you become, you have a long road ahead of you. These nursing school tips you follow will assist in the process.

There are copious amounts of benefits to becoming a nurse, but it's not a job everybody can do. It takes a special type of person with extreme devotion.

If that person is you, and you're interested in taking one of our nursing programs, contact us for more information.

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