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6 Risks that Can Transform Your Career

Feb 8, 2016 | Harrison College

6 Risks that Can Transform Your Career

As you pursue new career opportunities or growth within your current career, it is easy to play it safe. No one wants to risk losing their job, but that does not mean certain risks cannot pay off in a big way. Taking the right risks can help you find your passion, enjoy your job more and secure professional happiness.

The next time you are feeling a little uncertain about your career direction or role within a company, consider taking one of these six risks.

Go Back to School

There will always be loads of excuses to not go back to school: money, time, difficulty and so on. Going back to school is hard work, but it can also produce great reward. Plus, schools like Harrison College offer flexibility, financial aid for those who qualify and personal assistance, so you do not have tackle this risk on your own. Earning a certification or degree may help you qualify for jobs closely tied to your passions. Whether you are discontent with your day-to-day responsibilities or have a desire to make more money, formal education is a risk that can transform your life.

Change Industries

Sometimes you like your job, but you do not like your company or industry. For example, maybe you really enjoy the work you do in information technology (IT), but you are not interested in what your company sells. A great way to mix it up is to pursue a job in an industry that’s more captivating for you. Do you find accounting firms dull but love working with numbers? Consider seeking an accounting job in a fast-paced tech company. This seemingly simple change can help you find the company culture that is right for you.

Speak Up

Sometimes taking a risk is smaller than going back to school or leaving your current job. Speaking up can be intimidating. Ensuring your opinions are heard will not only help you feel satisfied, but it can also help your company try a new idea they may not have thought of without you. If you value being part of a team, stepping out of your shell to provide feedback or share an idea will get you collaborating with those around you. Remember, being heard is just as much about listening as it is talking. Think of speaking up as proactively participating – if you want to be heard, you have to be willing to listen.

Say No

Saying ‘no’ can be incredibly intimidating. You do not want to be seen as vulnerable or unable to do your job; however, always saying ‘yes’ can stretch you thin, cause stress and possibly leading to poorer work performance. Knowing when to say ‘no’ when it is truly warranted will help you balance work and life and ensure your company is getting the best work out of you. For example, if you already have three projects you are working on for the day, and a co-worker asks you to take something on, consider whether or not you can complete all of that work on time and at the quality that is needed. If taking on more work will harm the quality of work your company puts out, saying ‘no’ and explaining why will help ensure your company produces the best quality work.


Many people, particularly introverts, find networking nerve-wracking. Talking to strangers can be intimidating and tiring, but if you embrace meeting new people and learn and share with them, you may discover great advice, mentors and new friends. Taking a network risk does not just mean showing up. Really take the risk and try to meet someone new!

Do Not Focus on Salary Alone

This one can be tough. With the pressure of bills and other financial responsibilities, it is tempting to always take the highest offer. While money will always be a key career concern, be sure to consider other aspects of a job as well. How well do you like the company and its culture? Will the job be fulfilling and challenging? Even with more money, will you be happy? Finding a job that fits your personal, professional and financial needs will go a long way in helping you find happiness.


Are you unsure of which direction to take your career? Check out Harrison’s degree programs to explore emerging careers that may be worth taking a risk. Learn more from a Harrison representative today at 888.544.4422.

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