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7 Benefits of Becoming a Registered Nurse

Jul 13, 2017 | Harrison College

7 Benefits of Becoming a Registered Nurse

Are you interested in studying to become a nurse? That's a great decision!

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers around -- not to mention one of the fastest-growing. In fact, there are more than 3 million professionally active nurses in the United States alone!

Yet, you might soon discover that there are multiple tracks you can follow as you pursue your nursing education. Specifically, you may be interested in becoming either a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). The primary differentiator between these two tracks is the amount and level of education required.

An LPN most often earns a practical nursing degree, which can be achieved in about a year. On the other hand, an RN obtains a professional nursing degree, which can take up to three years or more depending on the level of certification you choose.

While the RN track might take a little longer, its benefits are long-lasting and impressive. If you've ever wondered whether it's worth the extra time and effort to become a registered nurse, we're here to provide you with seven reasons why the answer is "yes."

1. RN Salaries Are Competitive

One of the main concerns students have when deciding to pursue a career as a registered nurse is how much it will cost.

While the extra education might require a greater initial investment, the good news is that as an RN, you can garner significant earning potential. For reference, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2016, the median pay for a registered nurse was $68,450 per year.

This number will vary depending on your specialization, location, experience, and more. Yet, it's still significantly higher than the average salary in the United States, which comes in at around $44,148 per year.

2. You Can Follow Your Specific Interests

As you explore different aspects of the nursing profession, you might find yourself drawn to certain areas of the field.

For instance, you may discover that you're most interested in working within the oncology department, or alongside the pediatrics population. You might even realize that a certain workplace environment, such as a school setting, suits you best.

As a registered nurse, you'll have greater freedom to explore these personal passions as you delve deeper into your education and hands-on work. This allows you to gain the valuable, skill-specific job experience you need to excel and grow in your career.

3. Professional Advancement is More Likely

Consider your ideal nursing career in the future. Do you see yourself leading a team or pursuing other opportunities for growth and advancement? If so, becoming a registered nurse is the route for you.

This track enables you to obtain the skill sets required to move forward and upward in your nursing career. While your educational pursuits are one factor that can lead to promotion, your valuable experience is another.

As you take on more advanced responsibilities and work in a wider variety of settings, your potential for growth is unparalleled.

4. RN Jobs Are in High Demand

As an RN, your job outlook and security are higher than many other professions. This is because as long as there are people who are sick, hurt, or in need of preventative care, there will be a need for the healthcare community.

In fact, experts reveal that by 2022, the country will require more than one million new nurses. Specifically, this will grow the RN population to about 3.2 million, adding more than 525,000 jobs.

So while security isn't ironclad, it's safe to say that as the years progress, the demand for RN professionals will keep increasing. This is encouraging news and makes reaching for that next certification, promotion, or leadership role even more exciting.

5. You'll Be Rewarded Tenfold

Registered nurses have the opportunity to interact with myriad patients, co-workers, and teammates. You'll also be able to explore many areas of the medical setting you choose.

As such, your opportunity to make a positive and life-long impact is heightened. You're often the reassuring voice of reason that patients need to hear, and you'll be able to offer a similar level of support and guidance to your team.

Over time, you'll often find that the job's rewards go much deeper than money. The chance to make a difference and influence someone's life is significant when you work as an RN. Thus, it comes as no surprise that medical practitioners, including nurses, often rank high on lists of the most meaningful, personally satisfying careers.

6. Educational Opportunities Are Ripe

Once you become a registered nurse, the good news is that there's still room to advance in your profession and your education.

By enlisting in an RN-BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program, you can leverage your RN license to achieve even greater educational strides. This makes you a higher candidate for leadership and management positions.

Additionally, after you obtain your BSN, you can even choose to go the next step and obtain your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. If you select this route, you'll open yourself up to even greater professional opportunities, such as becoming a nurse practitioner.

7. It's a Fast-Paced and Interesting Career

As a registered nurse, you'll encounter patients from different backgrounds, cultures, families, and walks of life -- and that's just in one day.

As such, your job is anything but boring. Rather, it's filled to the brim with tasks that are both fast-paced and fascinating. You'll also find yourself performing multiple, different jobs each day, growing your skills and keeping you fresh.

If you're seeking a career that will keep you on your toes, push you to learn and achieve more, and challenge you in new and exciting ways, nursing is the profession for you.

Want to Become a Registered Nurse? Start Here

Are you ready to begin your journey to becoming a registered nurse? Whether you're a first-time student or are headed back to school to propel your career and expand your options, we'd love to help.

Our School of Nursing offers multiple degree paths designed to fit your need. We'd love to talk to you about starting your Associate of Science, RSN-BSN Bachelor of Science, or Associate of Applied Science in Practical Nursing track today.

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